Red Squirrels

Our red squirrels are threatened by the non-native grey squirrel

Who We Are

A group of volunteers working to protect our red squirrels in south east Cumbria

What We Do

We carry out practical red squirrel conservation and raise awareness

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Red Squirrel Maps >>

Our 2016 map shows where red squirrels have been spotted this year

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Please report any red squirrels you see via our easy-to-use online form

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There are many ways you can make a difference to ensure a safe future for our charming red squirrels

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All donations are very welcome and will be used to protect red squirrels in South East Cumbria
We work to protect native red squirrels in South East Cumbria for future generations to enjoy. The signs are that red squirrels are beginning to reclaim their old territories, but they still need our help – there is a lot of work to do.