Stop Feeding Greys

Food from bird tables and feeders encourages grey squirrels to multiply and spread. They can travel long distances and quickly become a threat to red squirrels by spreading disease or out-competing for food. Squirrel-proof bird feeders deter grey squirrels but still allow your garden birds to feed.

If grey squirrels are visiting your bird feeders and you are not in a position to trap or shoot them, using squirrel-proof feeders helps in the effort to save our red squirrels. We know that visitors staying in self-catering accommodation like to feed the birds. Making this small change to squirrel-proof feeders increases the chances of seeing red squirrels on holidays in future.

Reasonably-priced squirrel-proof feeders are available at local garden centres and online, for example on Amazon. The RSPB has further advice>> on deterring grey squirrels from your garden.

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