Local Residents

The help of local residents is vital to ensure a safe future for red squirrels. Local knowledge helps us identify woodland where greys are a problem, and now that grey squirrel numbers are beginning to fall, we need as many eyes as possible to make sure that this situation continues. Where local residents are acting together with others from their village or community, the benefits for red squirrels are enormous.

How you can help:

  • Have a trap in your garden if greys are regular visitors
  • If that’s not possible, use squirrel-proof bird feeders
  • Let us know where grey squirrels are being seen regularly over a period of time – from single squirrels visiting gardens through to larger numbers occupying nearby areas of woodland or similar.
  • With publicity – for example by placing our leaflets in parish magazines or in local shops or businesses
  • Arrange for one of our collection boxes to be placed in your local shop
  • Encourage others to support red squirrels
  • Report your red squirrel sightings using our online form>>
  • Volunteer to help with grey control>> or with running our charity>>
  • Do your online shopping through  Give As You Live>> and raise money for red squirrels without it costing you a penny
  • Buy our knitting patterns>> – all proceeds go to protect our red squirrels

Please get in touch>> to find out more, and about what’s happening in the area where you live.

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