Grasmere to Grizedale Project (G2G)

G2G is an exciting project that, for the first time, could make a significant breakthrough in securing the conditions needed for red squirrels to survive and thrive in and around the Hawkshead area. With Grasmere to the north, the Furness Fells to the west, Windermere to the east and Grizedale Forest to the south, the area’s woodlands offer prime habitat for reds. But they have become home to a growing number of greys that prove hard to catch in its patchwork of woodlands.

A positive future for reds between Grizedale and Grasmere?

The National Trust owns much of the woodland and with the benefit of Countryside Stewardship funding and in partnership with Westmorland Red Squirrels and the Grasmere Red Squirrel Group, Red Squirrels Northern England  has recruited a full-time red squirrel ranger for the area. His role is to liaise with all landowners and work alongside volunteers to implement a comprehensive programme of monitoring and control aimed at reducing grey squirrel presence, allowing the area’s red squirrels to flourish.

For more details, here is a link to a summary of the programme>>

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