Your red and grey squirrel sightings are a very important part of our conservation work – please follow the instructions below to submit your squirrel sighting report. If you’re not sure whether it was a red or grey squirrel you saw, see our quick guide here>>.

We’ve produced annual maps based on sighting reports since 2010, showing where red squirrels have been spotted>>

There is more information about red and grey sightings here>> including what to do if you find a sick, injured or dead red squirrel, where urgent action may be necessary.

For grey squirrel sightings in the Grasmere area, please email directly to the Grasmere Red Squirrel Group (GRSG):  giving date, grid reference, a description of where the grey squirrel was seen and any other relevant information.  To find out more about GRSG, visit their Facebook page:>>

How we use your personal data when you submit a sighting report is detailed in our Privacy Notice>>.

Sightings Form

Our sightings form is currently out of order.

Instead, please email  details of your squirrel sightings to: 

Details to include in your sighting report (you can copy and paste this list into your email):

Phone number:
Date of sighting:
Red or grey?:
Number of squirrels seen:
Where you saw the squirrel – for example, nearest town/village, then name of wood or road:
Grid reference of sighting: – either 6 or 10 figure  –  see  UK Grid Reference Finder>>  and the section below for help
Postcode: – if the sighting is at a property:
Comments: – Please add any further helpful information you can, such as whether the squirrel looked healthy, how long you watched it for and so on.

Help with Grid References

For squirrel purposes, grid references can be either 6 figures (eg SD 406 986) or 10 figures (eg SD 40890 98882). Every British grid reference has a 2-letter prefix to locate it within a specific 100 kilometre square. In our area the prefix will be either SD or NY.

To Find a Grid Reference Online

UK Grid Reference Finder>> enables you to find a grid reference by using your cursor to pinpoint the location of your sighting on a map, and then right-clicking to produce a pin marking the spot you’ve selected.  Left-clicking on the pin will then show its grid reference in a tag. Just copy your grid reference from the tag and paste it into your sighting report or record. The satellite view is easier to work with once you’ve zoomed in to the general area of your sighting.

To Find a Grid Reference From a Map

If you prefer to use a map to find your grid reference but need a reminder about how to do it, the Ordnance Survey provides a guide to the National Grid>>

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