Your red and grey squirrel sighting reports are a very important part of our conservation work. If you’re not sure whether it was a red or grey squirrel you saw, see our quick guide here>>.

Using the buttons below, please report red or grey squirrels seen within the Westmorland Red Squirrels group’s area boundary (see map below). 

For grey squirrels seen in the Grasmere area, please email directly to the Grasmere Red Squirrel Group, giving date and grid reference or similar.  Email: >>

For squirrel sightings elsewhere in Cumbria, follow this link>>



To find out more about sighting reports, and what to do if you find a sick, injured or dead red squirrel, follow this link>>

Occasionally, red and grey squirrels are seen together, needing swift action. In this case, we would be very grateful indeed if you could report each species (red and grey)  on their separate forms (saying you have reported the other species in the further information sections of each form).  This ensures the information reaches the the right people quickly. 

Our Privacy Notice>> explains how we handle your personal data when you report.

Map of Westmorland Red Squirrels Group’s Area


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