Red Squirrel Maps

Our red squirrel maps show where red squirrels are being seen, and are only made possible by you reporting your red squirrel sightings to us. You can report your sightings  here>>

This year’s map has a marker added to it each time we hear where a red squirrel has been spotted.  Click on the ‘four corners’ icon (top right) to enlarge the maps and use the zoom facility (+/- or your mouse wheel) to take a closer look. You can move the map around with your mouse by holding down the left click button.  Clicking the square at the bottom left of the enlarged map allows you to switch from ‘map view’  to ‘satellite view’ (on the smaller map, this is available by clicking the menu option at the top left). Our annual red sightings maps go back as far as 2010 and you can see multiple years displayed on one map – see the maps below.

WRS 2021 Red Squirrel Map

WRS 2020 Red Squirrel Map

WRS 2019 Red Squirrel Map

WRS 2018 Red Squirrel Map

WRS 2017 Red Squirrel Map

WRS 2016 Red Squirrel Map

WRS 2015 Red Squirrel Map

WRS 2012 – 2020 Red Squirrel Maps

The 2014 red sightings are currently displayed. To see years 2012 to 2020 displayed click on the menu option at the top left of the map and tick the relevant box(es). You can view each year singly, or tick all the boxes to see the red sightings from 2012 to 2020 together on one map.

WRS 2011 Red Squirrel Map

WRS 2010 Red Squirrel Map

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