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With the progress made so far we firmly believe that we can save our red squirrels in South Cumbria and North Lancashire, but we can’t do this alone – we need both financial and practical support. Follow the links below to see the many ways you can make a difference for our red squirrels.


All donations are very welcome, however small. They will be used to protect endangered red squirrels in South Cumbria and North Lancashire, a part of the English Lake District.

Join Us>>

We welcome new members and rely on membership subscriptions to support our work. Please join us and encourage others to join too.

Give As You Live>>

Supporters of Westmorland Red Squirrels can raise free donations when shopping online by signing up to Give As You Live.

Knitting Patterns>>

Fuzzytuft knitting patterns were created and written by knitwear designer Wendy Phillips for Westmorland Red Squirrels. They are available as instant downloads and all proceeds from the sale of each pattern will be used to help maintain a healthy population of red squirrels in South Cumbria and North Lancashire (English Lake District).

Report Your Sightings>>

Your red and grey squirrel sighting reports are a very important part of our conservation work. If you’re not sure whether it was a red or grey squirrel you saw, see our quick guide here>>


If you have any particular skills to offer, we can probably use them!  We need volunteers who can give up a little time to help us with practical work in the woods around where they live – monitoring for squirrel presence and checking traps as well as with grey control itself. We are also looking for volunteers to help run our charity and the many tasks that involves.

Stop Feeding Greys>>

Food from bird tables and feeders encourages grey squirrels to multiply and spread. They can travel long distances and quickly become a threat to red squirrels by spreading disease or out-competing for food. Squirrel-proof bird feeders deter grey squirrels but still allow your garden birds to feed.

Local Businesses>>

Reds sell beds!  If your business can help us to keep Cumbria red, please get in touch>> and we’d be delighted to arrange a meeting to explain about our work in more detail.  Corporate membership is available for £50, and is included for those businesses sponsoring us for larger amounts.

 Local Residents>>

The contribution of local residents, with their local knowledge and practical help, is vital to ensure a safe future for red squirrels.  Where local residents are acting together with others from their village or community, the benefits for red squirrels are enormous.

Grey Control>> 

At present the only effective way to protect red squirrels from the threats posed by the Grey Squirrel is to keep the two populations apart by controlling the spread of grey squirrels. Even where the populations currently co-exist, the greys will eventually replace the reds unless their numbers are controlled. To make a difference we need practical help from local people right across our area.

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